Tuesday, June 26, 2018





Pharmacist Sameh Ghobrial, is a Pharmacist in Canada.Ghobrial received his bachelor of Biotechnology from the German university in Cairo for 5 years.and has been in practice in Finland at Merck pharmacist

Sameh Ghobrial  is currently the President and CEO of Canna Green Inc. an ACMPR LP applicant based in Sarnia Ontario Canada. pharmacist Sameh Ghobrial is the CEO and Co-founder of Medical Health trust, a management company that specializes in recruiting physicians.Sameh Ghobrial is planning to launch his own pharmaceutical factory in Egypt. This project will encompass more than 20 new pharmaceutical products. It involves an investment of over $2 Million. Mr. Ghobrial is on his way to expand the launch to more than 100 products. Mr Ghobrial believes that Egypt is an amazing market for such an expansion. He wants to help all the residents there to afford medications at cheaper prices as the prices are going very high due to the increased inflation.

He is also collaborating some programs between Canada and Egypt in the pharma industry and the health industry, as both fields have a market of $3 Billion. It's a great opportunity for all entrepreneurs to get in and do something creative.


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